The Heart Hospital

06 Oct

The energy around the death of Steve Jobs has got me thinking even more my purpose in life, if that’s possible but the thing that I want to put into the atmosphere is what I have seen and heard at the Heart Hospital.

#1 I’ve talked to Tim, the elderly war veteran, highly decorated volunteer and self proclaimed member of the ‘zipper club’ (the kind of club where your chest has to be sawed apart and sewn back together with 4 stainless steel wires) who smelled a little like urine. Tim’s job, he says, ‘is to cheer the patients up’.

#2 I’ve seen people standing right outside the door to the hospital in their hospital robe (you know, the one that only ties in one place) smoking cigarettes.

#3 I’ve seen a man go from taking about his triple bypass with technical prowess to crying in the blink of an eye

#4 I’ve heard nurses carelessly taking about their personal lives within earshot of patients as if we really were on The Young and the Restless.

#5 I’ve seen complete strangers bond together without talking

#6 I’ve heard the constant beep, beep and swoosh, swoosh of machines that measure and pump and drain.

#7 I’ve seen every room filled to capacity and a waiting room of families hoping.praying that this really is a routine operation

#8 I heard a nurse explain the recovery period for heart patients, adding in-“I had the surgery myself”.

#9 I’ve felt the wave of relief and vulnerability with the simple words, ‘the surgery was a success’

#10 I’ve felt the air go out of the room when the wife of a patient (construction worker) asked between tears, ‘what if you don’t have health insurance’

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