What is trapped inside of memories?

27 Oct

I am frustrated by the fact that memories of my childhood largely escape me. I only have access to only a few scraps that I replay over and over in my mind. Other memories, are the byproduct of second-hand stories told during holidays to explain a photo saved in an old book; ‘remember the Christmas when you got the Easy-bake Oven’? Hmmm, vaguely, “Did I like it?”

My childhood was tricky for lots of reasons-more than I care to share on a public space. I have often thought about the connection of my lack of memory to my own highly developed (?) internal coping mechanism and how this coping mechanism has played out in my relationships, especially with men and my mother.

In the times when I fixate on my childhood to explain some adult crisis in my life, it is not uncommon for me to ask one of the only three friends that somehow know all the memories that I have forgotten: ” Where did I live when I was 14 again and why was that significant” or “Why do I react a certain way to a certain thing?” or more mundane questions such as, “How did I get this discoloration on my thumb?” or “what was the name of the teacher that I loved so much, you know- the one who called me blue bird?”

My own memories-the ones that I own first-hand, are more like Polaroid pictures. I can get access to one image at a time from a shiny pack which only holds a finite number of images. I often spread them out, touch a few of them with an inward eye and with a furrowed brow, try to make connections with other people’s’ memories of me. One of these memories (a feeling really) is of being helplessly trapped in bathroom door at nursery School. No one seems to remember the door. Was there ever a door? Was I ever trapped?



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2 responses to “What is trapped inside of memories?

  1. mtonita

    October 28, 2011 at 1:17 am

    I’m sure there was a door :). I sometimes wonder why I forget so much from my childhood or even college. I think I hold on to the memories that have intense emotion attached and the things that don’t touch my soul are filed away behind a door somewhere.

    • bellabarks

      October 31, 2011 at 2:17 am

      Hey Tonita, i think you are right. I always want to go back and check for the door. I think that my mind files the emotional stuff away and the stuff that I remember is regular stuff. hmmm, interesting. thanks for your comments. I appreciate it.


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