Boo Houses

31 Oct

Boo Houses rise up during Halloween night to my delight.

The state fair came to town each year but for the life of me, I cannot remember what was there when it wasn’t


Hatching Praying Mantises

Baton practice and softball games

Cracking pecans and snapping beans

The Voices of Joy and fishing with Daddy


Rings around a real mulberry bush

Selling watermelons-10 cents each on hot Virginia days

Greyhound trips to Florida with Nanie and the church ladies who always had hard candy

Running full speed to Grandpa’s big chair


Canoes, bloodworms and fishing lines

Riding bikes with closed eyes and outstretched hands

Long rows of collards, corn and watermelons

Mini-bikes in fourth gear through fields and ducking under clothes lines


Feather fletching and bow nocks

Holding Pippi Longstocking tight in the library

Jaws at the drive-in movies and hitchhikers on pants’ legs

Field days with three-legged races

and of course,

Boo Houses


written Oct 2000


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