Easy to give up. Harder to give in.

10 Nov

It would be so easy to give up today.

Some days I just feel sad for no reason…not sad really but slow and tired and overwhelmed (or maybe underwhelmed)

Today, like some other days, there is a tear (maybe several tears) formed in the corner of my eye but they won’t fall… not until someone says something or I see something or I think of something. Anything can make the tear fall– a moment of sitting in a comfortable chair waiting for my grandmother to finish her blood work, an email from a friend asking if I found anything yet, a telephone call about a friend not having heat for 2 weeks, leaves falling outside, a scripture sent as a post on FB.

It is on these days that it would be so easy to give up..easy to say, “I don’t know”, to stop trying so hard.

Maybe this is what should happen -after all.

Maybe it’s not giving up but giving in.

The tears have fallen. Yes there was more than one.

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Posted by on November 10, 2011 in life freestyle


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