The Best Lawn (I mean, Life)

12 May

AND THE WINNER OF THE BEST LAWN IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD GOES TO… Wait. I sold my house today. The house where my twelve year old daughter spent twelve years of her life. The house that I loved. The old house with the sump pump held together by a coat hanger and duct tape. The house that housed annual, ‘Back to School’ parties, ‘Say Hello to Spring’ parties, memorial day/birthday parties, halloween/birthday parties, Cafe Hollee, book clubs, and focus groups for years and years. It was the family gathering place before church with a built in china cabinet that was used to store not chinaware but – art supplies. It was the old house with a garden and a trampoline.

It is not my house anymore but it will always be my house. I’m thankful that a loving family now lives there-one of my closest friends, in fact. She is rebuilding her life and the old house with the Irish Green shutters is a huge part of that.

As for me, I live in a house in a different time and place with the man I love and who loves me right back. I love this house also. This small house with a trick drawer and a backyard gate that you have to leverage just  to be able to latch it properly. This house holds family dinners (where we pull toothpicks to see who gets to wash dishes), group hugs, veggies from the garden, Cinco de Mayo parties, Fun Fridays complete with loud R & B music from an actual record player, exuberant games of Spades and Corn Hole and lots of family and friends coming in and out.

Yes, this house shakes a little when the one certain guy drives down the street with his music blasting.  The captain of the neighborhood association recently remarked on our lawn (which seems to have done a 180) – “you know, there is a prize for the winner of the best lawn in the neighborhood”.

Well, I’m not trying to get a prize for the best lawn. I’m trying to get a prize for the best life. As I admire at my vegetable garden and water the lawn, I think to myself- I am rebuilding my life and this small house is a huge part of it.

Looking at the beautiful hibiscus that showed up in my kitchen last night — a loving gift from a loving man, I am affirmed of this very fact.

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Posted by on May 12, 2012 in life freestyle


One response to “The Best Lawn (I mean, Life)

  1. Stephanie

    May 19, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    i loved reading this… what is Cafe Hollee and do tell what is corn hole? Stephanie


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