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Today will be better

I have had a hard year and that ain’t no lie.

I stepped out on faith and then didn’t trust. I led with confidence and then let 25-year-old insecurities erupt like a volcano over and over and over again. I lost my sense of purposefulness and struggled to get it back.

Up was down and down was up. Even though I was making progress, I was still drifting on self-doubt, confusion and longing-feelings I haven’t had in many, many years.

I got on my knees, turned the pages, looked at my life and I decided to dig deep.

I got into the water, floated on my back, looked at the sky and I decided to tap back in.

I decided to get stronger and snatch my power back. To reclaim me for myself.

An 11 year old said to me, “you have a smiling face” and that ain’t no lie.

I know that next year will be better. Tomorrow will be better. Today will be better. I will be better because I am fighting for it the whole way.




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