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Why I love Richmond.

Why I Love Richmond.

Seems apropos to re-start my blogging (which I left for 6 months or so when I discovered that people from work were…well…reading my blog) with a focused account of Why I Love Richmond !

I’ve spent a little more than a year readjusting to life in The South after living in the Northeast for 27th years. I’m back home in Richmond, Virginia with roughly 69 square miles, the population averages 205,000 with 50% Black, 44% White, 6% Latino (that’s a huge change)

  • 1/3 of the population has a bachelor’s degree of higher (which is probably why people call me Doctor at every given opportunity)
  • 13,000 Veterans (although students do not get a day off from school for Veteran’s Day)
  • mean travel time to work is 21 minutes (my commute is 10)
  • home ownership rate is less than 1/2 (yup)
  • 3rd best city for industry however, the median household income $38K with 1/4 of the population living below the poverty line (lots to talk about here)
  • 20% of the population smokes tobacco (yup…Phillip Morris is a big industry)
  • 11% of the populations has with diabetes, 1/4 -high blood pressure and 1/3 – high cholesterol levels)
  • right on the fall line of the James River, there are lots of river-based activities here, hiking trails, museums, theaters and restaurants
  • Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and all their contemporaries used Richmond for important historical events and there is a lot of amazing architecture here
  • the humid, subtropical cliimate is framed rolling hills, beaches and mountains
  • AND the people are super friendly     

The first question that people usually ask me after “why did you move back here?” is “Do you like it down here?” When I respond, “yes” they go on, “Better than New York and Boston”. I respond, “yes”.  I always…ALWAYS get a quizzical look after my affirmative responses, which makes me think …‘wait, am I missing something’.  As I thought about why I like living here, it became apparent to me that I had to put it on paper–maybe to prove it to myself. This topic strand will serve as notes to myself on why I love living in Richmond. Sometimes, I will use love to describe things that I really love about living here. Sometimes, it will mean love with a question mark (imagine your voice going up at the end) and sometimes love will purely be used as an oxymoron-as in, I really don’t love it. For starters, here’s a list of stuff that I really do love:

  1. Larry is here. My dad is here. My grandma is here.
  2. There is a line dance for every song, literally.
  3. You can have a pig roast-just because–and throw in a fried turkey for Thanksgiving too.
  4. You have be in the midst of a very foul mood and the nice lady in the grocery store will call you ladybug and instantly you feel better
  5. Walton’s Mountain and papa’s Secret Family Recipe –‘nuf said

There’s more but I’ll stop here…Happy Thanksgiving,_Virginia


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