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2962_1130400576505_5081376_n[1]My grandmother (my Nanie) is 87 today and that’s pretty darn awesome. That’s old, even by today’s standard of people living longer. Her mother (my Big Ma) was 102 before she left this world, so I’m praying that my grandmother remains in her right mind and good health for another 20+ years.  I love having her around and can’t imagine life without her. I love her so much.

My grandmother is full of humor and love and compassion.  Last week, I ‘caught’ her playing in the elevator with her friend as they delivered flyers to the people in her building even though the stories were on. I heard the laughing and giggling through the elevator walls and then got sucked into their delivery route up and down on the elevator greeting everyone in their path. If I’m not mistaken, my Nanie even took away someone’s activities flyer and put it on another door (on a completely different floor, no less) because so and so “doesn’t need the flyer anyway”. LOL, seriously, did she just do that !!

The other day, I hung out with her before (or after) Steve Harvey (I can’t remember which) and she actually started gossiping (which actually doesn’t happen often). Wow, I thought–this is going to be good. It was good and she made sure to say, “my source” before every little nugget that she let’s fly around the room. She even asked me to ask one of the preachers if he was married-just wondering–she said. lol. seriously, Nanie.

In thinking about my 45 years against her 87, I hope to be as uncomplaining, fun, nice and easy going as she is …when I’m …..well, actually right now…today. That’s a good goal and she is a terrific model.

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