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I Know the Way Home

I Know the Way Home

The moment wasn’t lost on me–the first time in 4 days during my Rest & Relaxation Weekend that I powered on my computer. The moment was just after take off –just after my usual and very deliberate counting down of runway yards until liftoff. 8 hundred yards, 7 hundred yards and counting until between 500 and 400 yards most planes ascend. Wheels off the ground.

As I looked out of the window and enjoyed the takeoff, I watched the beautiful city of Boston, my home for many many years, twinkle by. As I looked down up the city, lovingly noticing the waterfront, The World Trade Center-Boston, the bustling downtown with its vibrant lights and tall buildings and lastly, at the beautifully lit, Zakim Bridge bathed in purple.  I thought about how much I love the city, my friends and my family yet I knew as we passed the Zakim Bridge on the left, that the plane was headed in the wrong direction. I said in my head, we have to turn left to go home.  zakim-bridge

The plane banked left and I felt the wonder of modern air travel. This huge machine taking all of these people somewhere, taking me somewhere, with the power to bank at just the right angle at just the right time at just the right speed.

The aircraft straightened and I knew that we needed to turn more. We weren’t headed home. We did and I saw the beautiful city of Boston–a city that has so many wonderful memories for me, a city that contains so many of my beloved family and friends. I saw it for the second time, smaller now but no less as beautiful, no less powerful.  I thought of how I need the beautiful picture of all of the cities that mean so much to me. New York, Boston and Richmond. I need to look at them everyday. I need to remember everyday.

The plane banked again and I knew then that I knew, I really knew, the way home.


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