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Valentines on the Bus

So many levels of energy come and go in waves on the bus as it traverses the city. In fact, the ride goes through cycles just like love, just like life. Cycles of stillness and silence, of unbridled laughter, of confusion and deep thoughts as the world seems to fly by the window. But, in all of this, you can count on the bus to turn left right there and the driver to stop to rest over there. There is something comforting about that-about moving and resting in the River City.

A man reading Nietzsche, another asking for directions to City Hospital-clearly fuzzy thoughts and movements to match. Both riders receiving the same cordiality from the driver and passengers. Everyone is just who they are on the bus.Shouts of Happy Valentine’s Day as riders board. Men with balloons taking up multiple seats, a lady with a red coat and pink gloves trying to get her crumpled up dollar into the slot (yes, with her gloves on) -after all, it’s Valentines Day on the bus in the River City.

A baby swatted for crying, another lulled to sleep by the bus. Driver humming Christmas songs and raising a fist in solidarity to comrades on other Valentines’s Day busses in the River City.

I could have ridden on that bus with my Valentine all night.

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